#1  It works! Beyond the placebo effect. Studies have shown acupuncture works on animals too, where the placebo effect does not exist.

#2  This medical model supports patient health advocacy and feeling whole in body, mind and spirit. YOU are the expert when it comes to understanding your body, Chinese Medicine simply gives you tools to better listen and heal from the inside out.

#3  Minimal to no side effects.

#4  Acupuncture can provide both short term solutions and long term relief.

#5  It has around 4,000 years of foundational research support.

#6  It is non-invasive.

#7  Modern research is showing acupuncture’s efficacy, often more effective than drugs or other modalities (click here to see a list of peer reviewed studies).

#8  The medicine can treat both acute and chronic conditions with lasting results.

#9  Treatments provide an opportunity to learn ways to better rest and reboot your body.

#10  Your body has unlimited healing potential stored in your DNA and nervous system and acupuncture exercises the bodies potential to heal. In time, acupuncture trains the body  to heal itself!!