We take care of our cars, houses and clothes better than we take care of ourselves. When was the last time you had a tune-up?


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine comprise an entire medical system that supports the body’s innate ability to heal. Dating back more than 3,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medical theory is based on a philosophy of balance. Acupuncture brings the body back into balance, or homeostasis, by stimulating endorphins and neurons at acupuncture points along meridian lines of the body. Meridians are pathways of energy in the body closely linked to the peripheral nervous system.

When these meridians or channels are stimulated with needles, herbs, and other tools, the body responds by releasing opioids, serotonin, antibodies, and anti-inflammatory cytokines to start the internal healing process. Acupunctures activation of the endocrine, muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous systems is why it is beneficial in the improvement of sleep, digestion, acute or chronic pain, mental health and more. Creating a space for total body relaxation and homeostasis is acupuncture’s best antidote for the stress holding us back from optimal wellness.


Herbs! I love working with herbs! Some conditions simply respond better to acupuncture when herbs are included in the treatment program. The concept is the same as using pharmaceuticals to balance or change the internal processes of our body, but herbal formulas are natural, plant and animal based products. So the benefits of herbs – no synthetics and thousands of years of clinic experience and development!

Your acupuncture appointment may or may not include herbal prescriptions. I also offer herb-only consultations for individuals interested in needle free treatments or for follow-up patients looking for a quick tune-up.

There are approximately 3,000 Chinese herbs. Because of the wide variety of single herbs and herbal formulas, it’s important to work with a practitioner like myself who is a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine – meaning I did special coursework for an herbal education and passed a national board.  For the prescription of herbs in Minnesota this background is not a requirement, so I highly recommend seeking this education in any practitioner you choose to work with on herbs. It’s also important to note that this huge variety of herb can be utilized to treat a wide variety of individuals and symptoms.


We are what we eat. It’s true! Our body is hugely supported by the food we intake. Proteins are building blocks for muscles, cells and play a vital role in balancing insulin levels; carbohydrates provide fast burning energy and fats slow burning energy. It’s my mission to break down nutrition into plain English and tailor a treatment plan to meet your income and health needs.

When working with me on nutritional therapy we will utilize a wide variety of both Western and Eastern knowledge, tools, and resources to come up with the best plan for YOU! My only rule with food (and most things in life) is “everything in moderation.” I don’t believe in diets, I want to support you in lifestyle changes that will make for a more energized, healthier and happier you!


Reiki is an energetic medicine developed in Japan that has become my favorite addition to acupuncture appointments. This is powerful stuff! And I was a huge critic for many years, until I received my training and started to see its impact on myself, on patients, and even on animals.

Reiki can be both a hands-on or hands-off form of bodywork. On the level of quantum physics, it is being recognized as a measurable and tangible form of therapy. At the most basic level our bodies are made up of energy. Reiki utilizes hand techniques to manipulate and heal energy blocks or deficiencies in the body.


Cupping seems to be all the rage these days! It’s a technique that uses glass or plastic cups to create a deep suction on the surface of the skin that reaches into the muscular and fascia tissues. It helps release toxins, loosen muscles, calm the nervous system and release congestion in the lungs and back muscles. Cups can be left stationary or moved on a thin layer of oil, creating a deep tissue like massage effect.


I am certified in both Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. Yoga is something I practice on a daily basis to maintain health and happiness. I have taught both nationally and internationally since 2010. I tailor all yoga classes from beginner to advanced based on what you are looking for in your practice. I offer private home classes for individuals seeking a very personalized and comfortable yoga experience.