Let’s focus on your gut for a moment.

What helps us stay healthy? Proper nutrition, balanced hormones, happiness, ways to de-stress, family, purpose, sometimes herbs or medication, and a balanced immune system.


One of the best defenses for a boost in your immune system, is through the health of your gut.


No doubt, we’ve all taken countless antibiotics in our lives, whether currently, as children, or within the food products we ingest daily. Antibiotics kill bacteria, which is good, until they kills the bacteria that we need. Without proper gut flora we don’t properly absorb the nutrients from our food, so we need to spend money on supplements and multivitamins, hoping that that extra doe will go the mile where our guts have seemed to fail us. But wouldn’t it be nice if our bellies just worked in the first place?


This is more of a challenge for some than others, admittedly. Battling digestive disease can have a crippling effect on our immune systems and overall health. But making small changes like increasing the bounty of your gut flora can help anyone. Not only can probiotics reduce digestive issues such as gas, stinky stool, diarrhea, bloating, but it can also help us maintain health immune systems, healthy skin through increased vitamin absorptions, less yeast infections or candida symptoms, and finally it can even increase our happiness to have a working gut! 95% of our bodies serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract. If yours is overworked and inefficient, there will be a reduced ability for it to do it’s job helping with your mental health as well.


So why are probiotics so expensive and why don’t they always work?


Truthfully, I’m not certain why they are so expensive. I imagine they aren’t the easiest supplement to produce and store as they require a constant cool temperature and a certain amount of bacteria in each pill to be effective. But I believe the reason many don’t seem to have an effect is because the bacteria (or culture) a.k.a. the good stuff for our gut flora is often no longer alive when you buy it off the shelf in stores. Bacteria needs to feed to survive, and it this type of needs cool temperatures. Sitting on a store shelf with nothing to sustain it and likely encountering flux in temperature during processing, handling and shipping, it’d bet my odds most of the culture is dying out.


SO what is there to do for those of us that need to restore? I won’t discredit probiotic supplements. I think that TheraLac is the best brand from what I’ve seen, but if you don’t have $50 to spend on a monthly or biweekly basis and you want a guarantee that your culture is alive and fresh I suggest you -make your own yogurt!


It sounds difficult I know, but it’s actually quiet simple and takes about an hour of time and just a few pieces of equipment. I’ve found the best increase in my gut health, as well as, a complete cure for yeast through a regular routine of eating homemade yogurt! And I’m not alone. Yogurt is a great option because it is low in lactase, you know the culture is alive because the yogurt wont set unless there is live culture, you know how long the bacteria has been refrigerated, and it makes for a tasty morning meal.

The starting cost will be between $30 – 50 dollars, and cost about $3-4.50 every time you make yogurt after the first batch. Long term, it’s delicious, relatively simple, and cheap.


For my yogurt recipe – check out my blog post about yogurt here!