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TOP 10: Why I <3 Acupuncture!

#1  It works! Beyond the placebo effect. Studies have shown acupuncture works on animals too, where the placebo effect does not exist. #2  This medical model supports patient health advocacy and feeling whole in body, mind and spirit. YOU are the expert when it comes...

Homemade Yogurt

The simple way to make YOGURT!!   For those interested in why it can be helpful to eat and make your own yogurt, check out my first blog about probiotics and let the adventure begin!   For those wanting to get straight to the punch, here is a step-by-step...

PROBIOTICS – what gives?

Let’s focus on your gut for a moment. What helps us stay healthy? Proper nutrition, balanced hormones, happiness, ways to de-stress, family, purpose, sometimes herbs or medication, and a balanced immune system.   One of the best defenses for a boost in your...

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