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As a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, I believe that health is the foundation of our energy levels, productivity, happiness, and how we relate to the world. My goal is to guide you in finding the balance to thrive. We all have a version of our best selves, and stressed out isn’t that version. It’s time to connect the dots of your healthcare experience, take pause, and reboot.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs! I love working with herbs! Some conditions simply respond better to acupuncture when herbs are included in the treatment program. The concept is the same as using pharmaceuticals to balance or change the internal processes of our body, but herbal formulas are natural, plant and animal based products


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine comprise an entire medical system that supports the body’s innate ability to heal. Dating back more than 3,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medical theory is based on a philosophy of balance. Acupuncture brings the body back into balance, or homeostasis, by stimulating endorphins and neurons at acupuncture points along meridian lines of the body. Meridians are pathways of energy in the body closely linked to the peripheral nervous system.


We are what we eat. It’s true! Our body is hugely supported by the food we intake. Proteins are building blocks for muscles, cells and play a vital role in balancing insulin levels; carbohydrates provide fast burning energy and fats slow burning energy. 

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Health Care

My practice places importance on your personal health advocacy and collaboration on the creation of sustainable treatment plans, because let’s face it – there isn’t a magical one time fix – so I’m here to provide stepping stones to a happier, healthier, more calm and productive you. I like to treat a variety of patients, but my expertise lies both in digestive health – let’s heal your gut – and in treating women from puberty through menstruation, fertility, sex health, pregnancy, post-natal and pediatric care, menopause and beyond.

Meet Emma Broderick, M.Om., Dipl. OM., L.Ac. – Acupuncturist

Like many budding acupuncturists, I’ve been where you may be now – survival mode. I was tired, disconnected, unhappy, and constantly having weird symptoms show up year after year. Time felt like it was being sucked into a stress vacuum.


The best acupuncture I have ever experienced! From the moment I arrived, Emma’s awareness and gentle confidence allowed me to relax and be present. She sat with me to introduce our session, asking questions which informed her more about my body and life. Her responses were clear and honest. When she began identifying my acupoints, I barely felt the needles inserted because she was considerate and intentional. This first session also included cupping and reiki. All of it was necessary and well-balanced for my body. As I left to continue my day, I felt as if I was floating in a state of relaxation and bliss. I am definitely scheduling a follow-up appointment!

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Now accepting new patients.